Monday, July 27, 2015

July Updates on House

Every time I finish something in the house--cleaning, projects, laundry--- there is always something else that has to be done. I still don't feel like it's in a position for guests, but we have been here for a while's probably time to have a dinner or something. 

I have had such a fun time going to Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, and the Dollar Tree to find less expensive items to decorate with. I have also been able to incorporate much of my grandmother's things into our place. My current favorite place to shop: Midland Market in Indianapolis. They also have a location in Carmel, but I haven't been--yet.

For those have been wondering about how the house is coming along, here are some photos of what has been going on so far. Sorry for the lighting in some of these; many were taken at night with overhead lights that haven't been replaced. 

Table in the entryway

Dining room table and bench. This was a gift from my grandmother that I will always cherish.

Chalkboard in the hallway between the kitchen and laundry room. I can't wait to write on this baby! It's from an antique store for $15 and has a Raggedy Ann and Andy green chalkboard on the reverse side. My sister and I had one of those ad little girls 

Hey, Dot Grace! This is in the hall between the stairs and living room. I'm standing next to the chalkboard
This is the current decor on the table. The window frame will go in the dining room. I'm planning to make this wall a photo gallery eventually.

This is the first guest room--the other still needs a new bed set, much to Cole's disdain since it currently houses his old comforter from college. I began working on the bedside table with white chalk paint--it feels amazing!--but the pulls I chose are slightly smaller than anticipated, but I plan to drill into the pre-existing holes and make it work. There is a dresser that matches this across from the bed, but I have not begun painting it, yet. The "pie safe"--such a neat piece of furniture--in the corner has been my mom's for roughly 20 years. It is now with us serving as a blanket cabinet. It still smells the same as it always has since I can remember. If you ever stop by, smell the cabinet; I cannot describe it to you in words. My mom had asked if I would paint it, and I wanted to, but I was afraid that it would lose that special scent that it has held for years and years.

The upstairs bath. I look forward to when we tile the whole room, but it works for now. I also plan to paint the cabinets and walls.

Ta-dah!! This is the table that my parents and I refinished to into a slightly distressed farm table! The chairs are from Midland Market, the centerpiece situation is all from the Dollar Tree, and the light fixture is from an antique store.

Now that it's all put together, we have had our first dinner guests--beyond pizza anyway--and I successfully cooked a roast with potatoes and carrots served with a salad. 

With everything still to do, it makes me anxious for the summer to end and school to begin. But I know that I'll have trouble sleeping for the next week with too much excitement for school. It's one of the reasons that I knew teaching was a good fit for me; the night before the first day of school is about as exciting as Christmas Eve!

See you soon!

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