Saturday, January 11, 2014

Not as Bad as the Blizzard of '78

That's always the response when discussing the snow storm we received this past week.  I wasn't around for it--to be more accurate, I hadn't even been thought of at that point in time--but when the blizzard of '78 occurred, I've been told that my mom, my granddad, and my mom's childhood friend were in charge of getting the groceries to hold them off through the storm.  My grandmother was furious when they returned home with donuts, bags of chips, cookies, candy bars, and not a single healthy item to eat.  

As I mentioned in my previous post, we received a snow day following my return from the cruise.  Since that time, my school received the remainder of the week off as well. Actually, just the students received the rest of the week off.  We, teachers, had to report to school on Thursday and Friday since students would not be making up the first two snow days.  It was relaxing to make lessons without interruption and during school hours rather than before and after school for hours, as per usual (I'm now 5 weeks planned ahead! Go, me!). 

Dottie Grace, my dog (yes, animals should have middle names, too), has been stir crazy during this weather.  It was way too cold to go for a walk on Monday or Tuesday.  Here's a quick video of her trekking through the backyard trying to spend just a few extra minutes outside, but falling through the snow with every step.  She is a clever girl, which is how I know she was walking to her tree to spend time out rather than just not thinking it through. She kept looking at me and then continued her journey to the tree.

On Wednesday, we did manage to go for a walk.  I put her sweater on her--I do not dress her often, but it was still extremely cold out--and we took a lap around the neighborhood, and boy, was she happy to be out!

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