Friday, May 27, 2016

Month of May

I was able to have a whole week with my sister! I feel as if I only see her three times a year now... Anyway, while she was here, she, my mom, and I decided that we would have a day trip on the Tuesday she was in town.  We started off going to Midland Market downtown since Natalie had never been and I've picked up some cool items for the house from there, and then we grabbed a quick lunch--elevensies, if you catch the reference--at Ralph's Great Divide.  This was my first time visiting Ralph's, and I loved all of its little quirks.

They have great hours of service

Then we went to Terra Haute to Albert's Cafe on the Indiana State University Campus after visiting the cemetery. We walked in to the same building that I've known for 20+ years--back when it was George's Cafe, brother to Albert--sat at our same table, and ordered baba gannouj.  Albert, the owner, recognized us and brought us loads of extra foods that he had been making, including beans and lady bread, just because he was so happy that we dropped by. I think it's incredible that he remembered us!
The food at the middle of the table is lady bread. It reminded me of an elephant good!

My lunch, the kibby football!

We also went to my future mother-in-law's house for a Derby party.  My mom made us fun hats to wear!

These past few weeks, I have been pleased with the meals that I've been making for Cole and me! I used to always complain about cooking because of the amount of time it would take, but I've been making stir fry, different types of marinated chicken, I found pre-marinated chicken kabobs at Costco--delish!--and Cole fired up the grill and we had steaks for when my parents came over.

Generally when I think of steak, I think of mashed or baked potatoes, but Cole helped me make the better decision to get sweet potatoes to go with the steaks. Glad he's there to keep me on track with my goals!

Race day is soon approaching. Maybe I'll run into you there! Still not sure if I'll go since it's going to be soooooo packed!

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