Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The realization

What can I say? I lack discipline, focus, drive, motivation.  Raise your hand if you feel the same way (I see you with your mental hand up).  I spend so many hours on Pinterest and Instagram "looking for motivation." At some point, you'll find the one photo or article that actually gets you to say yes, this is what's going to motivate me to get back in shape, right? Wrong.  The only thing that worked for me was to step onto the scale.  I'm tired of people writing "What the scale says doesn't matter" because they're wrong. It does.

While I've been accepting of how my body has looked for the past few years, I've often said to myself that the scale isn't taking into account how much muscle I have.  And while, yes that's true, the scale is telling me that I weigh too much for my frame and height.  I've spent more time trying to tell myself that the weight on the scale doesn't matter, but it does; it's telling me that I'm overweight and carrying around 19 pounds that my bones don't want to carry.  It doesn't matter if the weight is from fat, muscle, or water; it's more than what I should carry. I'm a strong believer that once you're in "good shape" is when the scale doesn't matter.  Because you probably are gaining more muscle at that point.

So, what's the plan this time, since it hasn't worked for me in the past? Determination--yeah, it sounds cheesy to me, too.  I think that you're mind will give you the discipline, focus, drive, and motivation when you're ready.  I wish that my "ready" had come before my wedding, or honeymoon, or summertime, but it didn't.  It came on November 26th when I stepped on the scale a few days after Thanksgiving when the extra pounds from the holiday should have melted off by now. And they haven't. Because I'm already carrying more weight than I should.  And it needs to change.

Past Excuses and the Realizations:

  • I'm too tired (No crap you're tired; you're lugging a 20 pound backpack all over your body)
  • I have to let the dog out; I can't go straight to the gym (then let the dog out and then go to the gym, you dummy)
  • I'd feel bad letting her out and then leaving again right away (Are you not going to return after the second trip? Will the dog not be there when you get back? No? Then this is kinda silly)
  • I just want to lay on the couch for a bit (And look at fit people's instagram accounts and wish that you looked like that? Now you're just being mean to yourself)
  • I'll do it tomorrow (You said that yesterday, and last week, and last month, and last year)
  • I'll do it Monday (How many Mondays has that been now? Just go ahead and take steps today)
  • I don't look that bad (No, you don't.  But you'd be happier if you were at a healthy weight and have more energy from relieving your knees and back from the extra pounds)
And now, onto cardio and healthy eating.  Yes, I know the benefits of working out with weights; I was once a weight-lifter and in incredible shape--no joke, no brag--and plan to incorporate them eventually.  But I want to start this out by leaning out.  

So my weeks will be filled with lots of running and the Keto Diet.  Wish me luck focus!

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