Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Day Three of Running

So I'm feeling pretty good about this running stuff! Yesterday, I went for a run that turned into a downpour. All of my running, at least for a few weeks lasts for 30 minutes. At 8 minutes in, I was passing a lady that said she was trying to decide if she should turn around and head back before she got wet. I got to about 12 minutes before it started sprinkling, but I was determined to not let that shorten my exercise, so I continued to run and the sky opened up right at 15 minutes when I turn around. Note: I haven't made it to straight running yet; I'm running 3 minutes and walking 1-2 minutes, and now I'm getting drenched.

Honestly it felt pretty good to have it rain at first. But then it was lightning and difficult to see--probably could have taken off my sunglasses to remedy that, but I feel like it's in the best interest of passersby to not have to see my "running face." 

Not bad, all in all. When I got home, I grabbed a Kirkland Greek yogurt and put some protein powder into it. I'm really offput by protein shakes when they are shaken or stirred--they're fine when in the blender--because they always end up with those chunks that just won't separate. So I've started putting a little into my yogurt or oatmeal to still get the extra protein. 

Cherry Greek Yogurt with Chocolate Protein Powder. Didn't really taste like a chocolate covered cherry, like I thought it could potentially. But not bad. 

Anyway, tilapia, green beans and berries for dinner! Link to the recipe here. The tilapia has become a staple meal for us. And look at these berries!

Gotta go enjoy this and then work on wedding plans! See you soon!

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