Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What's in my Lunch

As a teacher with my prep period as the first period of the day, I've found it hard to eat consistently in a way that will benefit a healthy lifestyle--or weight loss if I'm being honest.  So, I'm kind of doing the 21 Day Fix by using the containers to measure out the portions for my lunches and snacks, but I don't really do that for breakfast or dinner... In order to eat a little bit every hour, I need "grab foods" that I can pop into my mouth between classes and it usually includes snack-size baggies of the following:
  • strawberries

  • cut mangoes

  • raw sunflower seeds

  • raw almonds

  • walnuts with chocolate chips

  • baby carrots

  • turkey pickle wraps

  • orange slices

  • dried apples slices

  • deli meat slices

  • beef jerky

  • grapes

What do you pack for lunch?

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