Sunday, September 25, 2016

Summer Exploration: Kayaks

This summer just flew by! It is the first time in my life that I haven't worked some sort of job during the summer months.  I found it very relaxing and it gave me a large amount of time to move into a new classroom--with windows!!  But for the rest of the time, it was simply nice to spend time outside with some of my favorite people.

My mom and I made plans to eat at Another Broken Egg Cafe on the Northside of Indy.  I had the skinny omelet, but traded the goat cheese for American.

I also had two opportunities to go kayaking! Our friend, Carol, has kayaks in southern Indiana.  We went for a three hour tour, and spotted bald eagles!

Then in the last weekend of summer, it was nice to get the gang together to kayak down the white river with the White River Canoe Company.  They offer different drop-off points based on how long you would like to be on the water to return to the company.  We chose a 2-3 hour trip.  Of all the days surrounding this adventure, this was the only day that it rained. And, although it doesn't seem that way from the photo below, this moment was about 2 minutes of the 18 dry minutes for the next 3.5 hours!

At this point, it sprinkled for a bit.  When it stopped, we quickly ate some of our lunch, just in case it could rain again.  I'm so thankful for that decision, because it was torrential downpour for the next 3 hours.  At one point, we had to get out of the water because it was becoming so difficult to see! It may sound terrible, but it was a trip full of so many laughs! Didn't regret any of it!

Before the rain...

After the rain... And still have smiles on our faces!

Questions for you:
  • What are your favorite outdoor activities?
  • Do you prefer land or water for your friend-adventures?

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