Sunday, January 24, 2016

First Winter

The past few weeks here in Indy have been pretty chilly and white. I enjoyed the amount of snow that we got, even if it made it a little tricky getting to work on a few mornings. It's worth it to get a view like this

And of course, Miss Dot has enjoyed the snow, too. The girl has been driving me nuts being cooped up in the house. It has been too cold for me to take her for walks, so we have been playing ball inside. But a border collie isn't satisfied with just physical stimulation, so we started playing "which cup is the treat under?" and it has helped a bit, as well as the Starmark treat toy from PetSmart. We will probably have to make more PetSmart trips to help out with her cabin fever, but until then, she can enjoy the snow on small increments of time. 

Stay warm out there!

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